Tom Clancy’s The Division minimizes on launch/during gameplay – solution

After The Division release many players faces with the problem of game minimizing during gameplay or on the launch. We present solution for this problem

How to fix Tom Clancy’s The Division minimizes on launch/during gameplay?

  1. Follow the path /My Documents/My Games/The Division/ and fine state.cfg. Find option “Fullscreen” and change its value from false to true.
  2. Don’t forget to switch off Background Applications:

In order to check compatibility of The Division with other games or applications be sure to disable all background applications. Don’t forget also to shutdown anti-virus / firewall software. Just press key combination CTRL + ALT + DELETE to open the task manager and then go to start-up tab. Restart your PC then and after checking the game be sure to turn on all needed applications.

If the error still consists, please delete the folder on the following path: /My Documents/My Games/The Division/ — it will be reacquired on the next launch of the game. After its recreation be sure to check newly created file state.cfg with all the setting according to the full screen. Check the height and width in windowed mode.

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