What is the easiest way to find Pokemons in Pokemon GO?

Our site has recently published an article with a relatively complex instructions on installing the map with all the Pokemon from Pokemon GO games. Is it possible to do all of this easier? Yes, you can. In this new article, you will find the instructions for not only the map browser, but Android app with Pokemon map.

The application with the Pokemon GO map for computers

The developer under the name mchristopher created a convenient and easy-to-install application with Pokemon map from Pokemon GO games.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download Pokemon GO Map program from GitHub website. There is available version for Windows, Linux and OS X. Download it for your computer.
  2. Next you need to get an API code from Google Maps. Go to Google.
  3. Before you will be presented a dropdown list and the button «Continue». Press on it.
  4. In the «Name» field, enter any text (you can not touch it at all). Click «Create».
  5. The code window. Copy it, it is desirable to save anywhere.
  6. Next, return to the application file which you downloaded — PokemonGoMap-Win.exe. Run it.
  7. A window will appear with the login. Please insert the code in the box you copied «Google Maps Key», and enter the Pokemon Trainer Club account information, or log on Google. It is better not to use the main account of Pokemon GO. Also in the lower field you can enter the coordinates of the desired location — latitude and longitude. Get them on My NASA Data website.

By clicking the «Filter» button, you can change the location, or turn off the display of Pokemon in different points, make some «pocket monsters» in the exclusion list or the important list. You can also enable a notification. By clicking on the Pokémon you can add it to the list, or navigate to it.

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