iPhone 7: What is known about the new flagship Apple

iPhone 7

Every year Apple aims to dramatically improve the iPhone. The company is proud that produces the best mobile devices, and therefore, when it comes time for the new model, we should expect the next innovation.

Analysts have put forward 10 plausible predictions about the new technologies and features that Apple will put in the next iPhone generation.

  1. The next iPhone will be available in versions iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and will be released in September 2016. The sale of the unit will go a month later — Apple follows this schedule for several years. The company will follow the same pledged tradition — to give the serial number of the new innovations a year later. This year we saw the iPhone 6s and then the next year there will be a new figure.
  2. The new iPhone will run on the operating system iOS 10 — the next version of the operating system, which the company will present a spring 2016. Again, such a conclusion suggests itself from previous experience — “the new OS in the spring, iPhone — in the autumn”.
  3. IPhone 7 will lose “Home” button — a view was expressed by analyst who made accurate forecasts in the past. To compensate its absence, the company will make the display more. The only question in this case where Apple will put a fingerprint scanner. It is expected that biometric unit will be integrated directly into a smartphone glass.
  4. IPhone 7 will get sapphire crystal, which today is used for cover of Apple Watch screens.
  5. The battery will be more succinct, Apple may even change the technology. This trend of the past — with each new unit of the company, from the iPhone to MacBook batteries only get better each year.
  6. The iPhone 7will have 3 GB of RAM. Most of the flagship solutions on Android have already crossed the mark of 3 GB RAM. Apple is quite conservative with respect to the technical characteristics of its smartphones, and equipped the latest iPhone with only 1 GB of RAM. This year alone, the company decided to increase the memory. IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus got 2 GB of RAM. According to rumors, only iPhone 7 Plus will receive 3 GB of RAM, as iPhone 7 will continue to be satisfied with 2 GB of RAM.
  7. If the information is confirmed, iPhone 7 will be dressed in dust- and waterproof body, can withstand complete immersion. At the time, people expressed the view that protection from moisture is the main advantage of a number of Android-models to iPhone. Housing protected against water may become one of the main features of the iPhone.
  8. The new Apple smartphone will lose 3.5 mm audio jacks, as in theory port plays role of thickness limiter. Apple is known as a company that cruelly refuses ports, despite the fact that its customers have to change the entire periphery for a new one. Apple users are created to pay — Cupertino do not forget about this.
  9. For the first time in history new iPhone can use Intel chips. US chip maker formed a team of a thousand or more experts who are working on the modem 4G / LTE, for use in future smartphones.
  10. Apple may release iPhone 7c — 4-inch iPhone, which, according to many, is lacking in the past two years. To some users, this makes sense.
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