Rumors: Possible titles of Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps revealed

Battlefield 1

Generally there was so much leaks about Battlefield 1 that EA has to think about upgrading the internal security service. What cost only a fusion of Pan hours before the official announcement of the Battlefield 1cover image.
So, here is another «leak», which does not seem very plausible, and refers to multiplayer of the Battlefield 1.

  • Asiago Offensive — a place of action may be the Italian Alps
  • Gaza Sands — Sands, Israel.
  • Siege of Damascus — probably a direct reproduction of the real Siege of Damascus in 1918, the last year of the war.
  • Stalemate — no versions.
  • ANZAC Cove — perhaps a reference to the Battle of Gallipoli, where the
  • ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) suffered heavy losses in a poorly-planned offensive against Osman.
  • Garden Twilight — no versions.
  • Argonne Shade — most likely, the battle of the Argonne forest.
  • Operation Castlewick — no versions.
  • Scorched Earth — may refer generally to any of the fronts.

You may not guess, since it is less than a month to find out all by yourself on EA Play.


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  1. Muslimfaithfulpalestineworshipper 24.05.2016 in 23:57

    will there be enough jews to kill in israel?

  2. medhat_2000 26.05.2016 in 14:24

    Just a short note, gazza is in Palestine, during WWI there was nothing called Israel.

  3. Allan13013 27.05.2016 in 21:58

    «Gaza Sands – Sands, Israel.»


    Seriously ?

  4. falcon291 01.06.2016 in 11:14

    1. Gaza Sands — Ottoman Empire against UK

    2. ANZAC cove yes Anzacs against Ottoman Empire 3. Siege of Damascus: Yes again Ottoman Empire against UK

  5. nick 03.09.2016 in 09:18

    Poorly planned? It was the British that fucked the ANZACs over.


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