Some new information on Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1
  • Destruction more like Bad ferry Copmany 2;
  • You will be with your squad, even if will be jumping from server to server.
  • Gameplay shown behind closed doors, similar to what was shown in the trailer;
  • Think of horses as stories in Battlefield 3/4, that is perfect for a quick move, but not anymore. It was not yet confirmed that they will be in multiplayer;
  • Campaign is more like Bad Company 2 because of its «openness»;
  • One card is very similar to D-Day, but no, there won’t be a dinosaur;
  • There are planes bigger than shown in the trailer;
  • The train that was in the trailer, rides through the forest;
  • Batlhako include guns, vehicles and other gadgets;
  • The animation of the hit club and the way is faster than it was shown in the trailer;
  • Big focus on close combat;
  • The difference in the classes: the sniper is the dynamite, is support burner (so to speak), and the striker as there are shotguns.

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