How to install File Explorer for Windows 10?

Today, installation package of pre-release version of new application File Explorer for desktop computers and tablets running Windows 10 leaked to the network. Exactly the application is already available in Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One.

Key features of File Explorer:

  • Ability to move between files and folders.
  • Access to files «Quick Access», this unit and connected devices.
  • Ability to sort items by name, size and date.
  • Ability to delete, move, copy and rename files and folders.
  • Ability to view the properties of each element (creation and modification date, type, size, etc.).
  • Ability to select and delete one or more files and folders.
  • Ability to view files and folders as a list or as icons.
  • Ability to search through all the files and folders.
  • Support for «Share.»
  • Support of dark design.

What you need to do to establish a universal File Explorer:

Download the archive and extract contained therein to the root folder (C:\).

Open the «Options» -> «Update and Security» -> «For Developers» and enable developer mode.

Open PowerShell console as an administrator and run the following command Add-AppxPackage C:\FileExplorer\AppxManifest.xml — Register

Wait until the installation is complete.

If the process is successful, you will find the File Explorer in the application list in the «Start» menu. The app has been tested on Windows 10 Build 14393.10.

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