Amazing hidden features in Windows 10

Turning to the new version of the OS, in this case — Windows 10, users tend to look for those functions, which are used to earlier: how to configure a particular option, run the program, find specific information about the computer. At the same time, some new features go unnoticed because they do not catch the eye.

Secret dark theme in Windows 10

In Windows 10, there is a hidden dark theme design, which applies to applications from the store windows settings and some other elements of the system. You can activate the «secret» theme through the Registry Editor. To start it, press Win + R (where Win — key with logo OS) on the keyboard, and then type regedit in the «Run» (or you can simply enter regedit in the search box, Windows 10).

In the Registry Editor, navigate to the section (on the left folder) HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Themes \ Personalize \

After that, click on the right side, right-click the Registry Editor and select New — DWORD Value 32-bit and give it a name AppsUseLightTheme. The default value is 0 (zero), the value and leave. Close the Registry Editor and log off, and then go on (or restart the computer) — Dark Windows 10 theme is activated.

Recording video from the screen

If you have a supported video card (almost all modern) and the latest drivers for it, you can use the built-in DVR — recording game video from the screen. At the same time, it is possible to record not only the game, but also work in the programs, the only condition — to deploy them on a full screen.

Function settings are carried out in Xbox app (but works in most Windows 10, without the need to specifically run the application) in the section «DVR for games». Default to open the panel screen video recording, just press the Windows + G keys on your keyboard.

Laptop touchpad gestures

In Windows 10, there is support for a plurality of gesture touchpad for managing virtual desktops, the transition between applications, scrolling and such problems — if you have worked for the MacBook, you need to understand what it was about. If not — try it in Windows 10, it is very convenient.

To use gestures Windows requires a compatible touchpad on a laptop, and supported drivers. Gesture touchpad in Windows 10 include:

  • Scrolling with two fingers vertically and horizontally.
  • Zoom in and out by reduction or dilution of the two fingers.
  • Right-click, by touching two fingers.
  • View all open windows — to hold three fingers in the direction away from you.
  • Show Desktop (minimize the application) — three fingers to himself.
  • To switch between open applications — three fingers on both sides horizontally.

Remote access to any files on the computer

OneDrive on Windows 10 allows you to access files on your computer, not only those that are stored in synchronized folders, but also to any files at all. To enable, go to the settings OneDrive (right click on the icon OneDrive — Settings) and activate the function «Allow OneDrive to retrieve all my files on this computer. By clicking the item «Details», you can find additional information about using the Microsoft Web site.

Shortcut keys on the command line

If you have used the command line, in Windows 10, you may be interested in the possibility of using the standard keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste, and more.

To enable these features, click on the icon at the top left on the command line, and then go to «Properties». Remove the checkmark from «Use the old version of the console», apply settings and restart the command line. There, in the settings, you can go to for using the new command line options instructions.

Built-in PDF printer

The system provides built-in ability to print to PDF from any application. That is, if you want to save any web page, document, image, or anything else in the PDF, you can simply select «Print» in any application, as well as a printer, specify Microsoft Print to PDF. Previously, it was possible to do only by installing third-party software.

Native support of MKV, FLAC and RTMC

In Windows 10 by default there is support for H.264 codec MKV container Audio lossless FLAC format as well as video encoded using the codec HEVC / H.265 (which, apparently, in the near future will be used for the majority of 4K video).

Full screen Start menu and the tablet mode

Go to settings (through the center of notifications or keys Win + I) — Personalization — Start. Enable the «Open the initial screen in full-screen mode.»

Go to Settings — System — Tablet mode. Turn on the option «Include additional capabilities of Windows Touch Control using the device as a tablet.» When activated, it activates full-screen start-up, as well as some of the gestures of Windows 8, for example, closing a window by dragging them from the upper edge of the screen down.

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