Where is hosts file — examples for different OS

In fact, at any problem with internet, anyway, hosts file will be used. The main question is, where to find the most useful file. If you simply type in the search engine query «hosts», then you will not find the file – it is not so simple. At least, it works very rarely, if ever, works.

Hosts file Location on computer

You can find the hosts file on the following path C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc.

Or open a command prompt and type the command «notepad [path location of the hosts file, that is, C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts]» and press Enter.

Conclusion! From the above you can make one simple conclusion — hosts file is always in «etc» folder on all operating systems.

Hosts file Purpose

Simply put, it is needed to preserve the domain name database. If it is difficult, this file needs to convert character domain names into IP-addresses, which correspond to them.

How to open the hosts file

To open the hosts file you need to use the Notepad program, that is, in fact, a text editor. It is a regular notebook, but with a lot more variety of functions. As you can see, everything is done very simply. As for editing, there are no special instructions here, everything is done in the same way as in a conventional notebook.

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