What is known about Death Stranding 2?


The first part of Death Stranding turned out great. Many are looking forward to the release of the second. However, there is no exact release date yet. There are suggestions that it will take about a year to wait, that is, the project will become available only by 2024. At the moment, there are several rumors about the cast, plot, gameplay and other features.

Death Stranding 2 is under development, this is official information. Studio Kojima Productions has announced that it is working on the continuation of one of the most sensational projects of the past generation. Even the first trailer has already been shown. According to well-known moments, the fans had different opinions, there were questions, understatement.

To dispel the mystery, we tried to collect all the facts about the game in one place. Below we propose to discuss the insides of the project, the plot, the requirements for future entertainment.

When is Death Stranding 2 coming out?

Death Stranding 2 coming out

The studio developing the game, Kojima Productions, is in no hurry to announce the exact date, even the approximate period has not yet been named. The teaser only opened the veil of history in the post-apocalypse. But even these moments can be easily replaced by developers. The final title of the game is a working one, so it may be completely transformed in the end. And if there is no clear understanding with the name, then the release date is delayed.

This state of affairs was confirmed by actor Norman Reedus. During his interview, he touched on this topic, saying that the work is only at the initial stage, and you definitely need to wait until 2024 at best.

What was shown in the trailer?

shown in the trailer

The studio showed the trailer at The Game Awards 2022. This was the first open mention of the game from Kojima Productions. In total, the video contained 4 minutes of information, but it did not contain specifics, the game itself, mechanics, there was only high-quality graphics of the world. It was also slightly told that after Sam’s decisions, his friends received a new century of development of what is happening in the world.

There are a lot of vague allusions and symbolism in the official trailer that are typical of Hideo Kojima’s work. The author himself, knowing how much the audience likes to decipher each frame and build different theories, he decided to tease the fans a little. He said that there are a lot of references, but he will not explain them, but is waiting for the decoding from the viewers themselves.

Story line feature

Story line feature

During the duration of the teaser video, it is difficult to understand the whole essence of the game. In four minutes, a huge number of events were shown, which are not so easy to understand. The video shows an already well-aged Sam Porter, a very young Fragil, and a mysterious leader of a certain cult with a haircut and necklace exactly like the character Amelia, completely hiding her face with a red mask, the same red guitar and some kind of mechanical tentacle.

The video also includes references to the Automated Public Assistance Company and Drawbridge. Who will replace whom as the leading group is difficult to understand. The most unusual was the presence of an alternate reality, where Sam is different every time.

A bright trace was left on the project by the coronovirus. Hideo Kojima decided to bring it into the game by rewriting everything from scratch.

What engine is Death Stranding 2 based on?

engine is Death Stranding 2

Death Stranding 2 is based on Decima by Guerrilla Games. Projects such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West work on it. With such opportunities, the game will become worthy, including new standards of quality and accuracy. With the engine, the creators will be able to show the players excellent lighting options, dynamics on PS. Although the game is built on Decima, the teaser video was entirely created by PlayStation Studios on MetaHuman by Epic Games. Therefore, do not forget about the great support of this organization.

Which actors will take part?

actors will take part

The developers presented the cast to the audience. As with the original game, Death Stranding 2 will feature a host of stars from the video game and film industries. But some members are still hidden. Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux and Troy Baker will reprise their roles.

What platforms will Death Stranding 2 be released on?

Death Stranding 2

Death Stranding 2 will definitely be on PS5. Other options have not yet been confirmed by the creators. The first part was created for PS4 in 2019 and appeared on computers a year later. There is a prominent role for PlayStation Studios in the development of the game, so chances for other platforms are low. Of course, someday it will appear on the PC, but it is unlikely in the near future.

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