How to explore and name planets in No Man’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky has so many planets, and the word «many» is simply not able to describe the number of star systems and planets that you can visit. Of course, even if you sit on each planet, you can find resources, but there is a big difference between a stop on the first got planet and the planet rich in life and resources … that is not under the heavy guard. Let’s look what dangers await you in No Man’s Sky and where you will be able to fill inventory to the eyeballs.

Planet without Guardians

The Guardians, as the name implies — a special robots that appear in front of your nose when you begin to actively mine resources. In fact, they perform the role of the police, then you — a petty criminal, who decided to seize value.

If you are actively killing life on the planet, or extracting resources without stopping, then your level will rise and the Guardian investigation will begin the hunt for you. At the same time, in the case of the murder of guards, they will become more aggressive towards you … so soon after your ass will be hunted by «army» and not just the police. Just remember the GTA — here about the same.

However, not all the world is under the control of the Guardians. From time to time you will find the ones that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Guardians. Note the coordinates of a planet — here you can extract resources or kill everyone in the industrial scale. Find a convenient trade route and you will be able to earn a lot of units (currency in the game).

Toxic Planets

Some planets, as well as the reality of the world, have a toxic atmosphere. This means that here you will be able to survive only in a limited time. In some cases, here you can find something useful: a lot of resources or the ancient ruins of technologies. Anyway, before leaving on the surface, you will need to pump your exo-suit with additional slot to protect from the dangerous environment. You can upgrade yourself or buy the technology at other stations. Upgrade the suit and you will be able to explore almost any toxic planet.

Day and night

When you visit the planet, you’re not limited to a certain area. You can put your ship to travel anywhere and on any number of surfaces. Hills, forests, mountains, caves, oceans — it’s all available to explore, if you have the patience.

And some people will make the inevitable mistake of studying only a small part of the planet … in the afternoon. But when night falls and you sit down on the dark side, you may find something completely different. Unique life, a variety of resources and attractions.

Name of planets and their scan

If you are the first player, who discovered the planet, moon or a form of life, then you can call it. Information will be available to all players. So ahead of us there are a lot of stupid just names. Note that by exploring new places and types, you’ll receive Units — an excellent initiative.

When you get to the new system, enter the Star System Menu. On the left there is a list of systems and planets that you have visited. If you move the cursor to the system that you want to change, you can press «Rename and Upload». Then simply enter the desired name. The same works with planets.

Before landing on the planet, use the scanner of your ship to have an idea what you will deal with here. Already on the surface, you can use your scanner to find points that deserve attention. These locations may include ancient ruins, storage resources, trading posts or Atlas stones, allowing to keep the progress here.

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