Where to find Thamium9 in No Man’s Sky?

Thamium9 — one of the very important elments in No Man’s Sky, as this is a major red isotope for many things in the game, including … it is needed to charge a multi-tool to extract resources or to use it as a weapon. In addition Thamium9 can be used to repair life-support systems. Besides Thamium9 used in a variety of products and technologies while crafting.

Thamium9 red can be found in plants. It is also part of the animals on certain planets. If you plan to extract Thamium9 simply by hunting, it may take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there is a simple and fast way.

To start, you need to go into space. During the flight between the planets, not activate switching engine — you’ll see a lot of asteroids and other space debris. Fly up to it and shoot from the photon gun — these stones are rich in Thamium9, allowing you to collect 20 Thamium9 elements from one asteroid. Since the space full of asteroids, then you will no longer be difficult to find Thamium9. If you do not really want to deal with shooting at the asteroids, you can buy Thamium9 on stations. In addition to this element you may acquire other rare items from the merchants.

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