How to farm phantom loot in Borderlands 3?


Гайд Borderlands 3 — фарм лута призраковAs part of the Bloody Harvest event in Borderlands 3, you need to find legendary weapons and special loot. Among the many different ways to get loot there is one true one — battles with ghosts.

There are three types of ghosts:

Green: standard.

Red: marked badass.

Orange / Yellow: ghost with prey.

There are many enemies surrounded by a green aura, which indicates the presence of an ordinary ghost. In the same way, you can find opponents with a red aura, pursued by more powerful ghosts. The last category is an orange aura, indicating a ghost with prey. This is a special kind of enemies, which, when killed, is guaranteed to drop prey. They do not have a specific location, appearing in random places and in completely random time.

When you see an enemy with an orange glow, finish him off as soon as possible so that a yellow ghost appears. If you kill him, you will get a lot of prey. There is a chance of receiving a terror debuff in a ghost battle, which will impair vision and weapons. As part of the An Eye for Quality Hektoplasm test, you need to kill about 20 prey ghosts. Continue playing Borderlands 3, visiting different regions where orange ghosts may appear.

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