Dishonored 2 — 10 Tips for Beginners killers

Dishonored 2 — striking beauty sandbox in which you just need to master to be effective killer or secretive fugitive.

Here are ten tips to help you with this.

Be patient

As the case with the first part, the second one will not let you into the main plot until it’s time until you complete the full launch and purely fact-finding mission. Do not worry too much about it. And especially do not worry. Exit the tower, go to the ship and get its first ability. Get used to the mechanics and get your hands on in the world around you.

Do not worry about the level of Chaos

Every player wants to get everything at once. To be able to quietly sneak through the whole battalions of guards, deftly avoiding the hordes of rats, and so on. But accept the fact that in the beginning you whether it will hardly turn out. Services that fall a few times — it is a normal practice. Gain experience, hone their style of passing and do not worry about what you notice or killed. There is nothing wrong to pay their own mistakes itself for the benefit of the same and gradually open up new ways and loopholes in the elimination of various threats.

Think of Chaos is when you have become accustomed to the gameplay. It is desirable for the second passage. Most importantly — have fun with it as you play.

How to use stealth

All trivial, even banal. Do not go to full height and use squats, hiding from enemies field of view. Crouching your character can pass without fanfare almost anywhere. Also remember that if you look out of the shelter and saw a guard who looks straight into your face, it does not mean that he’ll notice you.

Remember the regeneration of health and mana recovery

As a rule, your health and mana in the game do not recover by themselves. To do this, you need to use special items or just some time to wait. So rest and take a closer look around. Especially since no one hurries you do not go all out to run forward.

Use Dark Sight

With this ability you can see enemies through walls. Moreover, its use restores your mana and gives you the ability to see the viewing angle of your opponents.

However, it is not as effective as internal to the outer wall. Therefore, in order to see their enemies inside of a building first you need to get inside.

Do not forget the bait

There are several ways to attract or distract the attention of the guards. The first — the noise of breaking glass lift cabinet or breaking the wooden door. Second — throw in the direction of the guards some object, thereby winning himself more space and time for the order or to change the position or kill divided patrol. Third — leave in a prominent place the body of one of the opponents. Moreover, it may be as a whole or without head or extremities. Fourth — carefully read the tree of their skills. Fifth — use the Service. It is slowly but surely lure into your trap enemies.

Cleanup you steps

Throw off opponents killed or immobilized by you in the trash cans, they hide behind a screen, or lock in the room … In other words, be creative approach. Passing blood and loud and everyone can, but quietly and cleverly …

Quickly save and load

Game autosaves though from time to time, but it is better and easier to do it at its own discretion and manually. Do you want to kill, but not sure that will do it quietly? Save. Not sure you can survive a fall from a heght? Save. Do you feel that something was wrong? Save.

Believe me, the second step can save you a lot of time, effort and nerves. Let it looks a little on-cheat, but that the main difference between a virtual game from the real world it lies in the fact that you can always pause, or start over.

Try to kill variably

You can go to your enemies right in the forehead, but there are other ways to address these. Climb higher and jump on an unsuspecting patrol. Running fast and instant stunning — everything you need, so he could not come to his senses and did not raise the alarm. Optionally shoot. Think about the tactics and do not forget about creativity.

Loot, loot and loot again

Do not disdain to spend time opening all cabinets and drawers. Often, you can find there a lot of things, or simply money that you can always come in handy. Scour pockets guards did not kill them, and strive to explore the most remote corners of the card.

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