How to fix errors, crashes and bugs in Gwent?


Gwent closed beta testing has its fair share of bugs and crashes, the analysis of which will be presented in this guide. These problems range from slightly annoying to almost unbearable. But since this is a beta test, very similar should be expected.

# 1 Incorrect description of Heavy Rain in Gwent

This is a text error. It affects the siege, not melee.

# 2 Problems with getting awards for your level of growth in Gwent

Sometimes the game can not give you a reward. Fortunately, this is only the visual error. You get these awards. The game just does not display them. While developers are working personally on correcting this problem, try to restart the game and check out counters.

# 3 It is not possible to save custom decks in Gwent

Restart the game.

# 4 Cards are not exempted from the spell in Gwent

Restart the game.

# 5 Geralt card Excellence in Gwent

Geralt does not operate even a lightning strike, and all sorts of potions on the map. Ultimately, it gives players a lot more power than all the others. But this is not no mistake. Geralt is a gold card.

# 6 The prize cow produces two devils in Gwent

Prize Cow sometimes generates additional feature on the side of the opponent. This happens when your opponent already has a devil on the battlefield. Developers are probably working on it, but now still be careful with cows.

# 7 No post-match award in Gwent

This is another visual error. Restart the game and you will see that the numbers went up.

# 8 Crashes to the main menu in Gwent

Unfortunately, this error occurs randomly and at the moment there are no ways to fix it. Restart the game.

# 9 Leadership ability does not work in Gwent

Sometimes Foltest creates copies of your units on the side of the enemy. Unfortunately, the method of correcting the problem is either. Restart the game — the best helper.

# 10 Problems with the barrel in Gwent

It is not excluded that the problem wiil be solved by itself after the first four attempts.

# 11 Stucking on deck construction Problems with the barrel

The only known solution, close the game using the shortcut Alt + F4.

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