How to get to Byzantium in The Outer Worlds?


Byzantium is one of the main locations in The Outer Worlds. This is the city in which wealthy people live. This place is a safe area where only those who have the appropriate privileges can get. Here are secrets that are not even guessed by the employees of lower companies in Alkion.

There are several tasks that require a visit to Byzantium, but none of them gives a hint on how to get to it. Access to Byzantium is hidden from your eyes, but it is within walking distance — in just a few dialog phrases. Yes, you can get to Byzantium in parallel with the passage of the storyline campaign, but the option that allows you to get to the city before the rest is considered below.

Continue the story until you reach pathfinder. Chat with Udom Bedford in his office, which is located near the elevator leading down. When you start the dialog, select the following options (written from memory):

  • I know where Phineas Wells is.
  • I saw a poster about Wells wanted and I want a reward.
  • Which one?
  • What reasons?
  • Ok, you need money. What’s next?

The remaining solutions are not very significant. Continue to communicate with him until you receive the quest «Amount to be paid.» Follow the marker and chat with Gladys. To get the print back, you have to pay her 8,000 bits. Give the seal to Udom to receive a navikey from Byzantium.

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