5 mods that will make The Outer Worlds better


The Outer Worlds is a role-playing action similar to Fallout, which was released relatively recently, but several modifications are available now. Below are five of the best early game mods available for download right now.

Tweaks mod


This mod contains basic settings for UE4 .ini. It disables unwanted graphic effects and options, including smoothing the mouse. All this can be changed in the game settings (or due to hidden options), however, installing this mod simplifies the task.

Supernova patch


This optional mod allows you to save and travel quickly anywhere even when choosing the maximum level of difficulty.

Reshade mod


This mod improves the color rendering of the game. It balances the contrast curve, discolors and softens some colors, enhancing the overall lighting.

Minimal HUD Mod


This mod removes everything from the interface except the health scale, quest marker, crosshairs and other useful functions.

Disable Intro Video


Introductory videos take time when trying to enter the game, but you can skip them using this modification.

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