Where to Find Key Rest-N-Go cards inThe Outer Worlds?


As you progress through the game, sooner or later, you will find yourself on Pathfinder, where you will find a location called Rest-N-Go. Upon examination, you can find 3 locked safes that cannot be opened or cracked. The fact is that they can be unlocked only with the help of special key cards, which were well hidden by the developers. In this guide, we will tell you where you can find all of the key cards. 

Расположение сейфов
Location of safes

Location of all Rest-N-Go cards

First key card

It’s right behind the security department on Pathfinder. When you pass by the security service (located on your left), look for a large room filled with drawers, with the number 13 painted on the wall. Enter it, then find the smaller room on the right. There is a table in it and several sleeping places are located, and on the back shelf the card you need will lie. In this area, you can also get to one of the scientific weapons.

Second key card

To obtain it, you will either need to use Level 40 Stealth or kill a certain character. You can get 40 units of stealth by using special armor and taking a suitable companion into the team. After raising the skill to the desired value, go to the Rest-N-Go establishment, and then look at the cashier behind the counter.

Approach this character from the back, sit down and use the appropriate skill to rob him. You can also simply kill the clerk in a dark corner. Thus, you get one more card.

Third key card

Immediately after the Rest-N-Go establishment, there is the Spacer’s Choice trading shop, where the seller wears a funny headdress in the form of themoon. Go through the counter and break open the door leading to the back room (you need the skill 20 to open locks). The item you need is on the floor under the cabinet. Come closer to this place, otherwise you will not notice the card.

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