How to Reconcile Stellar Industries and Iconoclasts in The Outer Worlds?


In The Outer Worlds, the player is constantly forced to make decisions that can affect the world around him. One of the most interesting is related to the conflict between the Monarch’s factions — the Stellar Industries and the iconoclasts from Amber Heights. When you restore communication on the planet in the story quest, you will be asked to visit the fallen ship, pick up the module and transfer it to one of the factions. If you do this, you will have to participate in the conflict between these factions by choosing one or the other side. The assignment associated with this choice is called «The Cradle for Psida.»

Before completing the task, passing the module to someone, do the following:

  • Talk to Zora at Amber Heights and take the Trap for the Simpletons quest. It will be available after you reconnect to the Monarch by assisting the info broker. Examine the outpost to find terrible evidence against Graham.
  • Examine the ship and pick up the item. Go to Sangjar, but instead of giving him the part, talk about a possible world. Tell him about Zora.
  • Sanjar will get to find a dossier on Zora in Cascadia. Follow there to find the item and pass it to Sangjar. He agrees to discuss a truce with Zora.
  • Go to Amber Heights, chat with Zora and agree to help her. Convince Graham to leave his post. In any way.
  • When Zora becomes the leader of the iconoclasts, talk to her and offer to chat with Sanjar. Follow the marker to follow the negotiations.
  • Choose options that allow you to compromise on both sides.

Once you make peace, then unlock the achievement. This approach will simplify the passage of the final mission, as these people will help you. It will also affect the ending of the game.

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