The Outer Worlds Guide — How to Find All Fractions


The ending of The Outer Worlds and the fate of Alkion directly depends on which factions the protagonist helps, and which inserts the sticks in the wheels. And here you are given complete freedom of choice up to the «genocide» of a particular group. The meeting with some factions is obvious, while the headquarters of the others are still worth a look. Especially if you ignore side quests.

It is not uncommon for you, working for one faction, to put an end to relations with another. However, there is a way to even combine some of them. And we will talk about this below.

Pathfinder: an independent party. Go to the «Pathfinder» on the plot of the game. All the quests that you will perform here will increase the rating of the faction, which is called “Pioneer”. Talk with Junpei in the engineering compartment, Gladys in the smugglers wing, or doctors at the clinic.

Iconoclasts: opponents of corporations. The Iconoclasts are a group of people from Amber Heights on the Monarch who oppose the Council. You can chat with Graham or Zora to complete quests for them.

Monarch, neutral corporation Stellar Industries. This company is still faithful to the Council and wants to achieve its former glory. Look for her representatives in Stellar Bay on the Monarch, in a large building in the city center. Talk to the leader, Sanjar Nandi, to begin his quest line. Help other people in the city.

«Sublight«, a criminal group. A shadow transport company that you may first meet on the Pioneer. Search in the left wing of the ship. Take the elevator up to chat with the faction leader, Lilia Hagen. You can also find representatives of this faction in Fallbrook on the Monarch.

Advice, if you like — corporation of evil. You can join the Council early enough. Enter the board of directors on the right side of Pathfinder to chat with Oud Bedford. Help him to pass on the key from Byzantium, the main city of the Council, where the rich live. From there, you can help Sofia Acande by going against the ideas of Professor Phineas Wells.

As for the interaction between these factions, it is most clearly manifested by the struggle of the iconoclasts and the Stellar Industries. Both of them want to get rid of each other, and upon completion of the story quest on the Monarch (when you turn on the data transfer on the radio), the side quest «Cradle for Psida» will begin. Here you can choose one of the parties, or find the right solution to achieve reconciliation. To do this, you will have to overthrow Graham by completing the side quest of Zora from Amber Heights, as well as bringing the dossier to Zanjar so that he agrees to enter into negotiations with the iconoclasts as soon as the woman becomes their leader.

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