Shutting down PC through the command line: a simple manual

Sometimes in the process of using a computer there are situations when you need to shut down your computer through the command line. In this case you can use a built-in set of all versions of Windows shutdown commands.

How to shutdown PC with the command line?

Press Win + R, type cmd and press Enter

After that, everything is very simple. You must enter the shutdown, followed by a space, a dash, and one of the letters:

  • s — turn off the computer;
  • r — restart the computer;
  • a — stop off the computer;
  • f — shut down the computer forcibly.

To turn off your PC you must enter: shutdown -s

Special instructions

Besides all of the above, shutdown command has a special set of instructions. They look as follows:

  • i — displays reference for a given set of commands;
  • l — a way out of this menu;
  • m \\ [ip-address or computer name of the connected Local Area Network] — action with the remote computer;
  • t [the time after which the computer will be turned off] — switching off after a certain period of time;

As for remote computer management team, an example of its input will look something like this: when it comes to entering the ip-addresses — shutdown -m \\;

if the connected computer on the local network and you know its name — shutdown -m \\ komp1.

Shut off PC after a certain period of time looks like this — shutdown -t 25.

This means that the computer will switch off after 25 seconds. A description of all these commands you can see, if you call the inquiry by typing shutdown -i.

You can enter a whole bunch of teams in the same line.

For example, to turn off the computer with the ip-address in 45 seconds, you must enter the following:

shutdown -s -t 45 -m \\

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