Do we need to buy iPhone 5S in 2016?


Given that Apple releases a new model every six months, iPhone 5S is considered to be an old man in the background of their fellows. Nevertheless, this model has caused the most positive reaction from users Arrle. And demand for 5S continues to this day, despite what has already happened several updated versions of Apple smartphone.


What attracts customers in this model? Consider its advantages

+ Good camera. Let slightly iPhone 6 and iPhone6S inferior camera, but still, the quality of images in this smartphone more than decent, even with the front camera selfie look very well.

+ Affordable price. Even with the unfavorable exchange rate of the dollar, the cost of 5S is not much bite and is accessible for people with average earnings.

+ Body strength, high-proof and waterproof. Housing withstand careless drops and bumps, and even a short stay in the water in most cases goes without consequences.

+ Optimal display diagonal. This model is recognized as the most user-friendly. After all, iPhone 6, and even more iPhone 6 Plus is no longer fit in the palm of a tiny female and the iPhone 4 and 4S predecessors were too small for comfortable use.

Hardware + power the iPhone 5S still continues to surprise, and Apple will maintain its new firmware at least two years, so you can use any application for a long time.

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