How to determine the explosiveness of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 set a precedent related to common and critical battery defect. Some party handset comes with a defective battery, produced by Samsung SDI. As is known, this has led to device explode while charging. Recently it is became known the way to determine exactly is your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosive or from a new party.

The Australian division of Samsung told about how the new Galaxy Note 7 parties are different from those that have a defective battery. Differences can be determined directly on the smartphone box. It is known that the new devices parties are marked as follows: on the box in the block where the barcode applied (bar), there is a small black square and round bar with the letter «S» in blue.


The cases of old Galaxy Note 7 parties, which may have explosive batterydoesn’t have such signs. Despite the fact that this unit Samsung reported in Australia is likely, such notation will be applied to the box in all regions. Recall that in the next few weeks, Samsung will begin mass replacement of smartphones — now device developers collect defective models in order to give customers samples of the new parties.

Those faulty models that will not be returned by their owners, Samsung company simply shut off remotely. This will be done for the safety of buyers. Full repayment period ends on September 30.It was officially registered more than 35 cases of Galaxy Note 7 explosion. Almost every day the media pops up new interesting case.

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