How to Turn On/Off Safe Mode on Android?

Sometimes, Android-devices have problems, and quite often the reason for their appearance lays in third-party applications installed on a smartphone or tablet. To check its connection to problems, experienced users use Safe Mode.

How it works: The device is loaded into the mode, which is operating normally, but all installed third-party applications, launchers, icons, widgets are disabled so they cannot affect the functioning of smartphone or tablet. Conclusion is simple: if the device works without lags and unauthorized trips, the problem is caused by third-party applications.

It happens so that problem still persists in safe mode. Then our article will not help you, and you have to pay attention to the instructions that tell about other ways to troubleshoot the problem: reset the Android settings or check methods of normalization of smartphone or tablet with Google Play.

How to enable Safe Mode in Android:

  1. To enter the menu, press the power button of the device and hold it until a menu appears.
  2. From the menu select ‘Power Off’, press and hold until you see a dialog box with a proposal to go into safe mode.
  3. Agree with the proposal by clicking OK- Android-device will reboot, as the bottom left part of the screen will display a special message.

You can back to normal operation by rebooting your smartphone or tablet.

On some devices, the transition to the safe mode is performed in a different way. Here are the most common options for different firmware:

  1. In the Shutdown menu select «Reset», which shall be held up as long as the dialog box appears asking you to move in Safe Mode (confirm by selecting «OK»).
  2. Turn off Android-based device, followed by switching on while holding the buttons «Volume +» and «Volume -» at the time of manufacturer on-screen logo.

Safe mode exit on all devices is the same — the usual rebooting.

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