How to fix critical process died?


If «critical process died» appears on your computer, what does this mean and what should you do? Typically, this warning occurs when trying to turn on the equipment.

It is worth remembering what you did from serious operations during the last session. Pay special attention to whether you performed the following actions:

  • whether the drivers were updated and what resources they used;
  • whether critical files were deleted (for example, by cleaning the registry);
  • whether they visited questionable resources on the network or installed incomprehensible programs on their computer.

Identifying error reasons

When a «critical process died» warning appears on a Windows 10 computer, the question immediately arises as to how to fix it. Depending on the reasons identified, you can act in one of the following ways:

  • use of antivirus software;
  • restore the entire Windows environment;
  • restore the correct registry settings;
  • installation of competent drivers.

Use the capabilities of command line-line or specialized applications to check the current state of system files. The first option is available through the advanced options available when attempting to reboot.

In the special window, you should type scf / scannow. The machine itself will scan itself for malfunctions and restore the correct state, then before rebooting the computer, you should reboot.

Error «critical process died» and ways to get rid of it

If a «critical process died» error occurs on a Windows 10 computer, what should an ordinary user do about it? The first option involves updating the drivers. Be sure to look for those options that apply to a particular model of your equipment.

The warning «critical process died» also occurs on Windows 8. In this case, the ways of solving the problem will be similar in principle. Before updating the drivers it is recommended to use the option offering to scan corrupted files on your operating system. Such measures will help you to identify the places of breakdowns and to find out what exactly you need to perezalit.

There is a special stop code, which indicates the malfunctions of the ongoing processes in the form of the inscription «critical process died». If it appeared on your PC, it will try to shut itself down, and then restart the necessary operations. However, sometimes this is not enough to successfully solve the problem: in such cases, resort to manual interventions.

In critical cases, you can either roll back the existing environment to the recovery point, or completely reinstall it. These options are also available in additional parameters that arise when trying to re-enable your equipment.

Sometimes a malfunction of the main memory may be the cause of the problems that appear as a «critical process died» error. Then you will need to physically check dice. For this purpose it is recommended to use specialized software, for example MemTest86. The check can be performed also during the next reboot in the section «Memory Diagnostics».

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