How to fix error 0x80070035?

Error 0x80070035 is displayed when attempting to access files and printers on the network.

There are hundreds of reasons for this error. Unfortunately there no too much ways to solve it. We would be grateful if you accomplish your goal in the comments if you know more elimination methods.

Solution: prescribe the gateway address in WINS

Try to do the following. Open the «Control Center Network and Sharing Center», find the name of your connection, and click it. And click on the <Information> in the open window.

Now, close the window with information and perform all the same, only instead of «Information» click the button <Properties>. In new window immediately remove the check mark from the IP v6, select IP protocol v4 and click the button <Properties>.

Now we find ourselves in the properties of the IP protocol v4.

Here we need to:

  1. Press <More>
  2. Switch on the WINS tab
  3. Click <Add …> button
  4. Enter the previously memorized the IP-address of the gateway
  5. Confirm by pressing <Add> button
  6. press <OK>
  7. Add WINS
  8. Press again <OK>, to close the window.
  9. It is possible that you will need to reboot.

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