How to make money fast in GTA V?


GTA V has been available to gamers for more than ten years, however, users are still participating in it. The popularity of the project was due to the uniqueness of the world, its types and features. Rockstar developers have put in a lot of effort to please their fans. As a result, they create an amazing game with active missions surrounded by quests, a sense of freedom and great graphics that immerse you in an even greater other reality. But do not take into account that each game has a currency value, which directly depends on the success of the character. His weapons, clothes, income, cars — everything depends on the receipt of funds. Who doesn’t want to become rich, even in a fake world? There is hardly such a person. Therefore, we decided to collect the most relevant tasks on how to quickly earn money in GTA V.

Features of earning in GTA V

Features of earning in GTA V

the player has many options for receiving money. The main ones are Leicester’s five football clubs and four backs circles. It is also possible to simply kill passers-by, attack collectors, lower them to the seabed, and even put them in account messages in game promotions. And if many people talk about side effects, then the main plot is worth considering in more detail.

Leicester murders

The murders include several different cases. But they have a place to be, which are in the stock collection. Therefore, the player is recommended to start the passage only when there is free money in his hands. Otherwise, there will be no point in the mission. Let’s deal with each pregnancy point.

Quick action needs to raise all the funds and invest them in Betta Pharmaceuticals shares. The best stock action on the BAWSAQ exchange. We recommend making deposits for three players, so there is a chance to make a profit.

After the acquisition of shares, several gaming days were established. This time is rented for the maximum increase in the amount of shares. As soon as they have received a mark (become more than 50%), immediately withdraw funds. Then follow to another exchange — LCN. You are interested in BIL shares. The most profitable offer is the cost of $7.5. The following items are similar. You need to buy a large number of shares and fix their increase in price. To increase the process, you can lay the path on the bed, but in such cases, you should carefully monitor the growth and not continue it. Here It Will Become Fate, but it is easy and there is no need to give special advice.

The next stage of investing in shares of Redwood (RWC), insignificant purchase value, as soon as possible after the event. After 6-7 days, the game will grow by more than 100%.


Then on the bus. Before this share price Vapid. As soon as the price drops by exactly two rads, they need to be urgently bought.

The final series of quests is the purchase of GoldCoast (GCD) securities. Actions are repeated with features. Before completing the quest, buy as many shares as possible. After death, you have to go to the LCN exchange four times in a row. Profit per gaming day is 63% for users of the computer version. And 80% for console players.


The next good option to get rich is to rob places with big profits. This includes missions:

  • Raid on the Bureau;
  • Jewelery Robbery;
  • Robbery in Paleto;
  • Huge kush.

Raid on the Bureau

Убийства Лестера

First of all, you need to complete the planning of the robbery. The roof will be the best option. Then a team is formed for the case. We propose to take these guys: hacker — Ricky Lakens; driver — Taliana Martinez; shooter — Norm Richards.

Ricky is the best man for a robbery like this. He is not a professional hacker, but his skills will be enough and you won’t have to pay extra for a more advanced character. Norm will do his job as a marksman. But remember, if you choose it and go not through the roof, the character will die. Taliana is the best driver for the mission. But it becomes active only after completing the side quest. In it you have to save the girl from death and take her to the hospital.

Jewelery Robbery

First of all, click on the “smart option” of the passage. He gives the most money to the character. Next, assemble a team.

Ricky will take the place of the hacker, Pam McReary will be the shooter, and Karim Dentz will be the driver. Like we said before, Ricky Lakens does a good job in his role. But keep in mind that the speed of collecting jewelry depends on the speed of the hacker. So you can choose a more professional partner, but it will cost more. The pack is suitable for the role of a shooter, but it can only be made available with the help of a side task.

Robbery in Paleto

Ограбление в Палето

The case repeats the previous version. It lies in the preparation and skillful organization of the team. Shooter is better to make Pak McReary or Chef, after the assault, do not slow down and follow to the vault with the money. There are 8 million dollars stored there. But each bullet that arrives in the bag will reduce the reward.

Big jackpot

This is the final heist in the game for one. The name speaks for itself, so try 100% in this matter. Plan your heist responsibly. Be sure to include Taliana in the team, making her a pilot. Karim will become a machinist, and Gustav Mot can be chosen as a shooter. If you choose option B, then it will give you 6 million more if you successfully complete the mission, but it is more difficult, of course.

Other methods

Другие способы

In addition to the main plot, it is possible to increase your wallet in additional missions. For example, the quest “Companions 1”, where you need to help a business analyst. A man is late for the airport because his car has broken down. Give him a lift in two minutes and get back some valuable investment information. If you make a deposit before the start of the quest, then the total amount of the reward will increase. To do this, buy Tinkle shares on the BAWSAQ exchange. A day after the mission is completed, the profit on the PC will be 30%.

Another rather interesting, but not exact, option is investing in Bill Binder. This method is suitable if you have extra funds that, in case of failure, it will not be so pitiful to lose. After all, such investments are pure luck. You can win or you can lose.

Robbery of shops and cash-in-transit machines also makes a profit. But with a bank robbery, such cases can not be compared in profit. Of course, this is better if there are no other ways to get rich at the moment. You can rob the store at the very beginning of the game. In the middle, too, such a chance will be presented. The order of steps is simple. Run into the building, aim the weapon at the cashier, take the money and run. The main thing is speed. If there is a guard in the store, then the hero can get a bullet from them.

Robbery of a car with collectors is much more difficult to do. The amount will be good in the car, but it will take a lot of strength. To storm such a fortress on wheels, you will need C4 or 50 rounds from a machine gun at least.

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