Mafia III Pre-Alpha Build Revealed New Screenshots


In his GDC 2016 speech, Seth Rosen presented some new screenshots from Mafia III pre-alpha build. This images came from PDF-file and presented in low quality, but we are definitely sure that Mafia fans are intrested in them. We note that the third part of the game will take place in New Orleans in 1968 in head of Lincoln Clay — Vietnam veteran looking for place to belong.

Quantum Break will be available on Windows 10 only from the Windows Store on Tuesday, 4/5 at 6:00 AM PST. The game is an Universal Windows Application released for on the Universal Windows Platform, meaning that it’s the next step in merging Windows and Xbox One into a unified ecosystem. It’s a relatively new platform for both Microsoft and developers, and to my knowledge Quantum Break is the third AAA-game ever released on it (after The Rise of Tomb Raider and Gears of War Ultimate Edition). You can expect some bumps in the road during launch, it’s a learning experience to us all and hopefully we can try to resolve any issues you might run into.

pre-alpha-1 pre-alpha-2 pre-alpha-3 pre-alpha-4 pre-alpha-5

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