How to fix Error code 20: «Application cannot be installed in the default install location» in Google Play?

Error code 20 «Application cannot be installed in the default install location» indicates that you have a problem with the general failure of the network — the basic TCP connection was forcibly closed for a number of reasons. Error code 20 can be caused by many situations, but basically it is a problem of compatibility installed applications and system software, because of which is torn and forcibly connection. Outwardly it all looks like a network-level problem, for example, interruption of Internet connection, the lack of communication with the proxy server, etc.

Google Play

Method 1: Resetting Google Play Updates

Reset service settings often helps to solve the problem with a variety of errors. It is done in the following way:

  1. Go to the menu of your smartphone (tablet);
  2. Select the section «Applications» or «Application Manager»:
  3. Find it in the Google Play list, select it;
  4. In application management window that opens, select the «Clear cache» and «Clear data», click on this button.
  5. Reboot Android-device, so that the system responded to the changes to the settings.

Method 2: Deleting Google Play updates

Everything is done in the same way as in the method described above, with the only difference being that instead of the «Clear Cache» button you need to select «Uninstall updates». The application will return to the original version, which worked fine prior to installing the update. If the problem is really in the new software version, or Android-powered device due to technical imperfections of these updates «does not pull», the service will work in the usual mode for the user. No new features, but regularly.

Method 3: Editing /etc/hosts

This system file in the Android-devices can be found at / system / etc / hosts. It is used to block access to unwanted resources. Initially, the file contains a single entry localhost Because of the actions of malefactors who wanted to block your account and get money for unlocking, there may be a convenience store and address. Remove the string by returning the hosts file to its original state. For such actions may be necessary to obtain root-rights. How this is done on a variety of devices we have repeatedly told on our website

Method 4: Rebooting device

Restart your smartphone or tablet — is the first thing to try if Play Store refused to work because of a «Error Code 20». Alternatively, the cause could be a system hang (with the situation faced by users quite often). Most interesting is that a reboot often helps not only failures in working with Play Store, but also when problems arise with other services and applications. It happens so that the device restart, but the Google Play does not want to work. Then you can try to use other methods.

Method 5: Google account deleting

Just be warned: by deleting your Google Account you may lose the necessary and relevant information, it is recommended to advance to back up (synchronize data).

Enter the settings menu;

Select «Accounts» and find it in the menu, press;

In the Sync menu, click on your mailbox;

Select items to sync (save in the backup). Usually it is the «Contacts» and other personal information, is available in the device memory. If you value the information contained in Android-device, click on «Options» and then select «Sync» — you get a backup of all existing applications.

Now you are ready to remove your Google Account. When you re-enter with it on the device, you will receive an offer to restore the data from backup.

Back to the procedure of removal of Google-Account for the normalization of Google Play. After the backup it is necessary to return to the previous menu, and this time choose «Delete» instead of «Sync». Click on the corresponding button, then perform a reboot the smartphone (tablet) and sign in again. Typically, the account removal helps to eliminate problems associated with the Google services work and error code 20. If it does not, try other methods.

Method 6: Full reset of Android-device settings

Full reset (return the device to factory settings) — a radical and effective method, but it requires preparation. Otherwise, you may lose valuable information. Perform Data Synchronization — Create a backup, as described above in the method 5. Ensure successful completion of this procedure. Now you can go to «Settings» find the «Backup & reset» section, which perform «Reset». Then you need to restart the device and restore data using backup.

As you can see, the proposed methods are quite trivial and do not differ from the manual to eliminate the problems associated with other errors when using Google Play. If you know more interesting and effective options for correcting the error «Application cannot be installed in the default install location» (error code: 20), tell us about them in the comments. Perhaps this is your way to be the only for someone from our visitors.

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