How to fix Error Code 805a8011 on Windows Phone at launch Marketplace?

Smartphones controlled by Windows Phone sometimes can show an Error Code 805a8011 in time when you try to come to the shop Marketplace. For downloading and installing applications and games in this digital store on Windows Phone devices, you just have to be authorized in your Microsoft account. Nevertheless, many users already see the errors when they try to come in the application. Often it’s an Error Code 805a8011, after which system Windows Phone blocks the entrance to the store and returns users to the home screen.

Windows Phone Marketplace

What does error code 805a8011 mean and what is a reason?

Because the Windows Phone system is a relatively protected product itself and many of its elements have extra protection and encryption level, the connection to the store of applications Marketplace is done by using secure connection. During connection and downloading content appears a verification of phone’s certificates and verification of the removed server is being accessed. If there is a problem in your Window Phone device or your Internet-connection, or discrepancy of certain certificates, this error also can appear.

How to Fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones while entering the application store?

If you see the Error Code 805a8011 when you enter the Windows Phone digital store or the same error in running application you should try variety of network connections. If you see this code during use Wi-Fi, you can try to connect to another network or use the mobile Internet.

If after changing network the error is not eliminated, the problem could be in Windows Phone system settings. This code can also appear in case if the data, time or time zone are installed wrong in your device. While you connecting to the secure server it always happen verification of this characteristics. Try to turn off autocorrecting of time and set the time by yourself. This can solve the problem.

Also the error 805a8011 in windows store can appear because you don’t correctly fill in your account. For security purposes the Microsoft Company requires to correctly fill in the profile for full access to all features of Windows Phone. So you have to come to the computer on the same account and fill in all the fields. And don’t forget to accept the license agreement.

After all these operations error can appear the same time if you will not reload your device. After doing such changes it would be better to do reloading by using simple turning on and off device.

If none of these methods helped you, you can try to do a “light reset” on your device, which will reestablish the basic settings, without damaging your data and user information. To do this, you should hold down the volume and the power buttons together. Keep them up till the vibration stop working. After that release the buttons and wait for a full inclusion of the system. Then you may check that the data and time are true.

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