How to Fix/Solve Error 919 in Google Play

Sometimes in the process of installing programs and games from Google Play, Android-device displays the following message: «Unknown error code during application installation: 919». This means that it is not enough space in own memory device. Moreover, the message may appear even in the case where it is enough space. But the gadget is useless to argue with. It is much easier to move to the SD-card one or more large programs. After that, you do not even need to reboot — installation goes well.

How to Fix/Solve Error 919 in Google Play

For transfer the applications to the memory car, you can use the program AppMGR specifically designed for this purpose. User with Root-rights doesn’t require such program for transferring. Also using all the same AppMGR you can watch preview on how much space is already taken by installed programs to plan software transfer to a memory card.

Another option for error 919 — get rid of temporary data, that is, clear the cache of Google Play Store. For this:

  1. Go to Settings/Applications/All/Google Play Market and in the application window select item «Clean cache».
  2. In case of failure —delete Google Play data. Go to Settings/Applications/All/Google Play Market and choose “Clean data”.
  3. If this does not work, then again do the above manipulation, but this time choose option «Uninstall updates».
  4. Failure with error 919 again? It remains only to clear the cache in Google Play service. Repeat the procedure again, this time selecting «Google Play Services”, and in it, «Clear cache».

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